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Guys will lie to get what they want... - living for the day [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
it must be wonderful

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Guys will lie to get what they want... [Feb. 27th, 2006|02:09 am]
it must be wonderful
[mood |hurt]
[music |Laid ~ James]

You say they broke your heart
But at least they had it at the start

You wouldn’t give me a chance
Not even a 2nd glance

You made excuses for your flaws
Then bowed to my applause

You hung me out to dry
Didn’t even care if it made me cry

You only care about what you feel
And the girl that is ideal

you made me question myself
And put my beliefs on a shelf

You say you miss me
But you are just try to be classy

You don’t have any class
I find you to be crass

You want my compassion
But that’s just not my fashion

You are in love with them
But all they want to do is condemn

You try to push me away
Maybe I will actually walk today

You will see my back
And start your attack

You will just add me to your list
But please try to resist

You will not be my demise
I will make it, non surprise