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it must be wonderful

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Tacos, Haunted place and Rent a cops. [Nov. 3rd, 2006|12:33 am]
it must be wonderful
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Once upon a time there were three people who owned vaginas... they were hungry. Hungry for tacos. Stop thinking that your dirty perv. I was talking about Taco Bell in Eastbumble Fuck. As we ate our Cheesy Gorditta Crunch, Nacho Bellgrande, and Cheesy Burittos we sat besides the "gangsters" of East Bumblefuck. I'm sorry but rural PA is not the hood. As our main purpose for this road trip came to an end, we headed of on another adventure. This adventure was a test to find what level of pussies we are. The locations we found were of abondoned resorts in the Poconos. The two we stopped by were Buck Hill Inn and the remains of Mount Airy Lodge. Mount Airy Lodge was a 0 rank on the Pussy Scale. The main building and surrounding homes were knocked down and apparently being rebuilt. Howwever, that convent is still standing. Before that stop we traveled to Buck Hill Inn. The Pocono area knows what I'm talking about and the rumors that surround the grounds. The resort was also featured on an episode of MTV's Fear. Apparently, there were accounts of suicide and murder in the rooms. I wanted to take pictures of this building for a project. The massive building was gated off... ok the chains were pretty crappy. None my pictures came out of the main building. I think my friends wanted to shit themselves and waited for something to pop out from behind the rocks. Of course I walked over to the darkest area of the road. I'm sure that my friends had a thought that crossed their minds to leave me there. Anyway, we drove away and went through the neighborhoods in the area. Driving underneath the cool looking bridge two guys walked along the side of the road. I must have made a blood curtling scream because these fuckers came out of nowhere. Two deers were outside a house and we pulled over to take pictures. As we rounded the circular driveway of the Buck Hill Tennis Club to leave, an EastBumble Fuck "Rent A Cop" with a makeshift radio hanging from review and black tinted windows found us. I swear this fucker looked like he was tweleve. He asked us where we were from and we stated that we were students at ESU. Then, with his finger pointed at us and his "I am your father, therefore don't fuck with me" voice he says, "Don't go by that inn. There's cops over there right now." Umm yeah sure we replied. The only thought in our minds that moment was "yeah fucking right, I was just over there less than 3 mintues ago". Then the douchebag commented after my friend pulled out "don't hit me." Well, if you didn't want to get hit... don't stop so fucking close. I guess East Bumblefuck isn't so boring.

this was written by meghan with my and gina's point of view sometimes...